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fmx/07 legacy...

The fmx/07 – the 12th International Conference on Animation, Effects, Realtime and Content has transpired, but not without leaving behind a trail of warm encounters and sparks of inspiration. This year has shown that the event is living up to the high expectations placed in it by the international community - and with over 40% of our visitors coming from overseas, it was more international than ever before.



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fmx/07- so many highlights!

fmx/07 was a demanding event that took its toll on the guests: every hour faced them with yet another agonizing choice of high-quality and in-depth programming: more than 400 presentations in up to 11 rooms and halls at the same time. fmx/essentials encountered outstanding resonance in two special forums, most notably the Digital Cinema Day, which brought the complete digital cinema workflow and stereoscopy into focus, and the Virtual Humans forum, which accompanied the ever-advancing school of virtual performance.

The main highlight, however, was you – and we owe a big thanks to all of you: our visitors, our speakers and our partners. For putting up with the occasional squeeze and bringing such a sustained passion for cg artistry - thanks a lot!


fmx - an individual globalisation story!

Top-notch cg production has spread out over the globe, and fmx/07 paid tribute to this development by presenting guests from innovative films such as The Host from Korea, Children of Men from England, The Red Baron from Germany and Pan's Labyrinth from Mexico.

And an increasingly interwoven, global industry has in turn paid tribute to fmx, recognizing it as the key European meeting and honoring our commitment not only to high-caliber content, but to breaking down barriers. English as the official conference language has enabled for a wider participation from speakers, media and visitors from Europe and overseas - a crucial development in an industry that relies on cross-border cooperation and knowledge-transfer. Overall we were able to welcome 6,000 participants from 40 countries. A balance which many visitors really noticed: some of the events didn't have enough seats...


fmx/07 - in retrospect!

The thread that bound the fmx/07 programme together was "believable virtual characters", and it tied research, cinema and games up into an extremely rewarding series. Highlights included Steven Stahlberg's unbelievable cg ladies, the resurrection of Klaus Kinski, digital performances at ILM, crisply real soldiers from Crytek, EA's George Borshukov and a slew of other contributions.

Games and realtime applications took an unprecedented role at fmx/07 animation is closing the gap in aesthetic terms as well. Speakers rushed from their own presentations to catch those of their colleagues. Joseph Olin (ACAD) on the ways of the industry, Gilles Monteil (Ubisoft) on emotional impact, Thorsten Reil (NaturalMotion Ltd) and Chris Williams (LucasArts) on animation based on the physicality of the characters, Henry LaBounta (ElectronicArts) on biomechanics, Matthew Jeffery (Electronic Arts) on the the future of gaming, Lee Sheldon on adapting literary material, Nathan Shedroff on designing experience, Mark Meadows on a more rewarding relations with NPCs... the list goes on.

Of course animated feature films commanded continued to play a major role at fmx/07, with Sony Pictures Imageworks' Rob Bredow talking about Surf's Up, Dreamworks' Craig Ring on Shrek 3, Pixar's Sanjay Bakshi on Ratatouille and Dragon Hunter presented by Michael Coldeway, Arnauld Boulard and Kyle Balda from Trixter, MacGuff and Futurikon respectively. Effects-driven films were well-represented with Chris Watts talking about the far-reaching graphic impact of 300 and Imageworks' Peter Nofz on the effects-driven villains in Spider-Man 3.

fmx/forum in grew larger than ever before: Adobe and Autodesk offered non-stop exclusive training, Sony Computer Entertainment presented COLLADA™, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, ComBOTS, Luxology, Microsoft, Pixar, Schneider Digital, Technocrane, Toon Boom Animation, tvd and VisuMotion among others.

International animation studios and VFX houses took part in extensive recruiting activities - from major players such as DreamWorks or Disney to creative craftmen like Aardman or German specialists such as Scanline or Crytek. Somewhat cramped, but very positive feedback on which to build next year's event.

We were also honored to have the renowned British director John Boorman, who impressed his co-speakers and visitors alike with a glimpse at his first animation project - a new interpretation of The Wizard of Oz. Roland Emmerich brought the event to a close with a personal view on his relationship to visual effects, animation and digital techniques before the closing celebration gave all present yet another opportunity to shake hands and rub elbows in a relaxed atmosphere.


fmx - it's your story!

As the journalist Peter Plantec writes for vfxworld (, there was ample inspiration to be had.

And more so than at conferences with less dense offerings, everyone's experience was unique. Here's what some of our participants had to say:

"Your festival is very well organized, there were several speakers that I met who commented on how well the event was run. I really enjoyed speaking at the event and meeting the other people from the industry."
Torfi Frans Olafsson, CCP Games

"I really enjoyed FMX and was happy I was given the opportunity to talk."
Remi Arnaud, Sony Computer Entertainment

"It was an honor to be a part of FMX. I had a great time! Thank you for your hospitality and your assistance in making everything work so smoothly."
Buzz Hays, Sony Pictures Imageworks

"Many thanks for your wonderful work to make the FMX 07 so successful and so special. Bravo!"
Eric Riewer, Gobelins, l'école de l'image

"We had a wonderful time at fmx/07. Thank you for hosting us, and we hope to see you again soon!"
Kevin Geiger and Moon Seun, The Animation Co-op

"The event was really really great! I had such a nice time, and was able to interact with friends new and old, and learned a lot in the process. Again, kudos to your team for a wonderful conference!"
Shuzo John Shiota, Polygon Pictures

"I think the entire team put on a flawless conference which I enjoyed being a part of."
Dory Benami, New Regency


fmx/08 - help make it great!

Your participation has been our greatest asset, and we'd like to invite you to contribute to fmx/08 too. If you are thrilled by a specific topic or encounter a ground-breaking development in the coming year please let us know. Maybe you yourself are working on inspirational ideas, interesting projects, innovative products? We want to hear what you want to see - send your suggestions to Plan to blog about it? Let us know that too!



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fmx/07 cooperates closely with the 14th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), ACM Siggraph, MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Stuttgart Media University HdM, Gobelins, L’école de l’image, NXPublishing and the Design Center Stuttgart.

fmx/07 event partners are Cluster Visual Computing Baden-Wuerttemberg, ComBOTS, Eyes & Ears of Europe, Fachhochschule Augsburg, flashconference, Michael Schmetz Mediaconsult, Robert Bosch Stiftung and sagasnet.

fmx/07 is financially and thematically supported by numerous partners from the industry, notably Adobe Systems, Autodesk Media and Entertainment, NVIDIA, Sony and TVD Trans Video Deutschland.



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