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Thursday May 04
Building a CGI Production Pipeline: From Happily to Ever After
Rainer Söhnlein/BFC Berliner Film Companie Productions GmbH, Ludwig von Reiche/mental images

The main focus of the talk will be how to plan and set up a CG production pipeline for complete 2K output. Rainer Söhnlein und Ludwig von Reiche will discuss four major areas:
1. Advantages of Berlin as a location
2. Planning and technical support
3. Software and hardware considerations, including maintenance
4. Access to talent
They will also cover how best to get access to properties for production, and will conclude by using the production of "Happily N'Ever After" as case study of the issues outlined above.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Söhnlein has worked in many fields of the media industry. Beginning his career in television and film production, he wrote and directed numerous TV series and films, winning some of Europe’s most prestigious honours. In the 80' s, he came to the U.S., becoming involved in various ventures, including Picture Fund, Inc., a partnership with Moritz Borman that developed and produced motion picture and television projects for the U.S. and Europe. From 1994 to 2000, Söhnlein acted as President of U.S. Operations for Telepool. In 2002, Mr. Söhnlein became co-CEO of BFC Berliner Film Companie Productions GmbH, a role pulling together the many threads of his career.

Ludwig von Reiche joined mental images in 2002 with 20 years of international management experience in the IT industry, including 13 years at IBM. As Chief Operating Officer of mental images, his responsibilities include the development of new business areas for the company's products, including new server-based solutions for web-based collaboration and entertainment.

Ludwig von Reiche
Executive Vice President
mental images

The BFC Group was formed in 2002 to develop and produce 2D and 3D animation for television and feature films. Working with America's top creators, producers, and directors, BFC has established a unique American-style production company in the heart of cosmopolitan Berlin, along with an office in Los Angeles to maintain a constant presence in the center of the U.S. entertainment industry.

mental images®, founded in 1986, is the recognized international leader in providing component and platform software for the creation, manipulation and visualization of 3D content. Its Academy Award® winning rendering software mental ray® is integrated in many leading 3D modeling software packages, such as Maya®, 3ds Max® and Softimage®|XSI®. mental ray and related products are used by such leading studios as Berliner Film Companie, BUF Compagnie, DreamWorks Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, Motion Picture Company and others; it has been deployed in in more than 150 feature films to date.

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