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Friday May 05
Innovations driving the future of Entertainment
Georges Dolbier, Executive Architect
Technical Lead, Interactive Entertainment, IBM

The carbon arc light, or limelight, was a technology that revolutionized entertainment and brought tremendous new opportunities. Whereas the limelight opened single new medium, innovations today promise to bring tremendous opportunities in multiple mediums. The rapid convergence of interactive and traditional media is opening up new ways of interacting. New mediums are allowing interactions on scales we have never seen before. New Innovations incubated in entertainment industries are having impact on broader society by changing fundamental ways our governments and business operate.
In this session Mr. Dolbier will lead a guided tour through the new entertainment landscape, highlighting, technologies and innovations that are the future of entertainment.

George is an Executive Architect working with IBM's customers in the Media and Entertainment industries, with a diverse 20+ year professional background. Mr. Dolbier has a deep technical background in the areas of User interface design, software development, production pipeline management, and complex system performance evaluation. The diversity comes from a career that includes notable engineering roles, at Oracle, Informix and Sequent Computer Systems. Mr. Dolbier's current role is leading IBM's Emerging Markets team as it focuses on Media and Entertainment industries. This includes building Animation and Game studios from the ground up, improving the performance of online games and content creation pipelines.

Georges Dolbier
Executive Architect
Technical Lead, Interactive Entertainment

With 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate, IBM is the world's largest information technology company. Over the past 45 years, IBM has extended its business solutions into entertainment, professional sports and more recently games. As a longtime leader in the online gaming industry, IBM has helped some of the world's top games companies build profitable businesses with a full range of hardware, software and services offerings. Inside the consoles of every major video game system you'll find IBM technology. And inside IBM you'll find the expertise to help game companies reduce expenses while increasing efficiency and profitability in a complex yet boundless market. In 2005, IBM received an Emmy award for technical achievement in broadcasting. For more information on IBM, please visit:

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