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Friday May 05
Digital Cinema: The Role of VFX Design in the creation of Marc Forster’s "Stay".
Kevin Tod Haug, Visual Effect Designer, MANIFXTO.ORG

The program will focus on the role of the VFX Designer as a member of a feature film’s creative team. Marc Forster’s "Stay" will serve as an example of how VFX design can impact every stage of the filmmaking process from words on a page to final delivery. Concrete examples, in the form of work in progress, will be used to show how VFX can facilitate the integration of the various cinematic crafts to create an unique vision. Time will be made to respond in detail to questions regarding process and techniques.

Visual effects designer Kevin Tod Haug started as a motion control operator before shifting into digital production on TV shows and commercials first at The Post Group and then freelance with Propaganda Films. Now independent, he specializes in assembling teams of freelancers and small vendors for modest-size films with a strong directorial vision. Credits: “The Game”, “Fight Club”, “The Cell”, “Panic Room”, “Finding Neverland”, and “Stay”.

Kevin Tod Haug
Visual Effect Designer

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