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Wednesday May 03
List-Saal:Galerie A

*held in German
more3D GmbH ,
3D-Stereo-Film Production: Animation & Rendering*
Robert Mayer, Managing Director , weltenbauer.

The workshop will teach the basic principles of PC based 3D stereo animation using rendering packages like 3DSmax, Maya or Cinema4D. - for real world video please visit the other more3D workshop. Animators will be able to use the additional dimension for an enhanced dramatic expression if they know how to set camera angles and distances correctly and how the setup is done correctly. The workshop will address typical difficulties and obstacles when animating in 3D and explain how to overcome them.

Robert Mayer has been part of the IT industry since 1983. Since the late 80's, he has worked in the PC based Video and 3D Graphics sector. His track record features work for Autodesk where he was responsible for the European product launch of 3ds Max in 1995. He held a position as Managing Director for CAT Sales in Munich in 1996-1998 and then was sales manager for yello! AG from 1998 - 2002. He founded weltenbauer. in May 2003. weltenbauer. is a well known reseller for 3ds Max, Maya and Animazoo Motion Capturing Systems.

Robert Mayer
Managing Director

more3D is a leading supplier of professional 3D stereo solutions ranging from complete entry level systems to large installations. The company's unique patented 3D technology allows for software independent stereo generation rather than playback only. This technology enables users to play virtually any interactive and video content in true 3D stereo. more3D is also a key software supplier for many manufacturers of autostereoscopic displays. Founded in 2001 by the former ELSA multimedia team more3D continues to provide soft- and hardware to 3D stereo professionals worldwide.

more3D GmbH, Hamburger Str. 8A, 50321 Bruehl, Germany

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