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Saturday May 06
Raum Karlsruhe

*held in German
Making of "Urmel aus dem Eis", VFX for Antikörper and ThiefLord*
Haggi Flöser-Krey, 3D Supervisor, Ambient Entertainment

Production of the animated feature "Urmel aus dem Eis" at ambient entertainment. Changes in production pipeline and rendering since "Back to Gaya". Making of some photoreal deers in an german thriller ("Antikörper"). Visual effects for the movie "ThiefLord (Herr der Diebe)" and how to digitize a 2.5m tall merman.

Studied Graphics Design - FH Hannover (Diploma 1995). Worked for "case computer graphics" where he created music videos such as "Beauty and the Beast" by Sven Väth as well as visual effects for commercials and movies. Since 1998, Haggi has been working as a freelancer and 3d supervisor. Since 2000, he is a freelancer at ambient entertainment where he concentrates on the production pipeline, rendering and visual effects.

Haggi Flöser-Krey
3D Supervisor
Ambient Entertainment

Ambient Entertainment produces movies, commercials and effects since 2000. They created the first german 3d animated movie called "Back to Gaya" as well as commercials and VFX for TV and movies. The second 3d animated movie "Urmel aus dem Eis" was finished at the end of 2005 and will be in theaters in Germany May 2006.

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