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Thursday May 04
The CAF Siggraph Selection
Terrence Masson , Jury Chair Electronic Theater Siggraph 2006; writer, ACM Siggraph

A presentation of selected works from last year's SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival (CAF) will be presented interspersed with discussion of the Jury process from the present Chair Terrence Masson. How is animation submitted, how is it judged and by what criteria is it selected or rejected? This is a unique opportunity to learn the behind the scenes process of the world's premiere computer animation festival.

Over the past 16 years, Terrence Masson has served the film and computer graphics community with inspiring production leadership, innovative creative techniques and technical problem solving.
Major studio collaborations have included founding positions at The Trumbull Company (1992), Digital Domain (1993) and Warner Brothers (1994), consulting to Sony Pictures Imageworks (1995) and Dreamworks (2003) and two tours at Industrial Light + Magic (1991 and 1996-2000). Terrence also single-handily created the original CG animation and rendering techniques to launch South Park the television series in 1996.
As an independent VFX Supervisor and Senior Technical Director, he has contributed to over 20 major film projects including "Fantastic Four", "Hook", "True Lies", "The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition", "Spawn", "Batman Forever", "Small Soldiers" and "Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace".
Terrence is a long time member and supporter of both the Visual Effects Society and ACM/SIGGRAPH. He is currently the Computer Animation Festival Chair for SIGGRAPH 2006.

Terrence Masson
Jury Chair Electronic Theater Siggraph 2006; writer
ACM Siggraph

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