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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema: Projection and Theatre Systems - Black, White and Gray
Matt Cowan /Entertainment Technology Consultants,RealD, Loren Nielsen/Entertainment Technology Consultants

Matt Cowan and Loren Nielsen will explore the impact of image dynamics and human perception in the resulting look of an image. The first part of the presentation addresses contrast, MTF and black level, and their role in image performance. The second part looks at the question of the color of the white point in an image, and reviews the white point chosen for digital cinema mastering. The third part talks about DCI’s choice of 12 bits per color, and the perceptual experiment that was performed to determine this requirement.

Matt Cowan was co-founder of Entertainment Technology Consultants, where he developed models of the visual system and applied them to digital projection. Recently, Matt Cowan joined REAL D as Chief Scientist and maintains the role of technical advisor to Entertainment Technology Consultants.

Matt Cowan
Chief Scientist and technical advisor
Entertainment Technology Consultants,RealD

Loren Nielsen is Co-founder and Principal of Entertainment Technology Consultants. Loren is in demand as a producer of high quality presentations for the demonstration of new technology to the entertainment community. She is also active in the development of business models for digital cinema and post-production.

Loren Nielsen
Co-founder and Principal
Entertainment Technology Consultants

Matt Cowan is working primarily for a new company - RealD. He maintains a position as technical advisor for Entertainment Technology Consultants. Achieving the best image quality is RealD’s mandate. RealD applies this to producing solutions for 3D distribution and displays for entertainment, theatre, advertising, and scientific applications.

Loren Nielsen works at Entertainment Technology Consultants (ETC). ETC provides consulting and production services to corporations who wish to develop and introduce technology and products for the entertainment industry. ETC consultants' backgrounds include proficiency in post-production workflow, color management, film and digital comparative techniques, theatrical performance and display systems.

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