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Friday May 05
Raum Reutlingen

*held in German
“ClipCharts” – creating and producing “Eddie Cool”, the 3D host of a daily TV show *
Christian Schiller/animoto GmbH, Oliver Stannius/animoto GmbH

What if someone asked you to create a 3D character for a TV show and produce up to four minutes of animation daily. You would work up a sweat and say yes, hoping that everything would turn out alright.
That is what animoto did when Constantin Entertainment asked them to design and animate Eddie Cool for the Kabel 1 Production “ClipCharts”. Christian Schiller and Oliver Stannius from animoto will describe the challenges of the project and show how they’ve set up a production environment that made it possible to tackle a huge amount of keyframed character animation within a limited period of time and how they use Softimage XSI to get their everyday work completed in time.
Workshop Language: German

Christian Schiller, born 1966 in Munich, Producer//Managing Director & partner of animoto, started his career like many others in the business – doing something completely different. He originally studied music and became a professional Jazz guitarist. Then he came in touch with the film biz and worked as a production manager, postproduction coordinator and post supervisor for features, TV-movies and commercials. Since 1999 he has concentrated on the production of 2D-3D animations and visual effects.

Christian Schiller
Managing Director
animoto GmbH

Oliver Stannius, TD & partner of animoto, was born in Switzerland in 1970 and has been in the 3D Animation Business since 1996. Before he joined animoto, he worked for Munich Animation and Trixter as animator, modeller and TD.

Oliver Stannius
Technical Director & Partner
animoto GmbH

Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology, Inc, is the industry leader in 3-D animation, 2-D cel animation, compositing and special effects software designed to address the demands of the film and commercial/broadcast and games/interactive industries. SOFTIMAGE®|XSI®, an integral player in Avid's Make, Manage and Move Media(tm) strategy, is the flagship product offering from Softimage. XSI is the industry's first truly nonlinear animation (NLA) system that gives animators and digital artists the freedom to Make professional animation, visual effects and games - from major motion pictures, to cartoons and commercials, to animated content for video games and Web sites. The Softimage product family is designed to help users innovate, create and collaborate throughout the production process.

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