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Friday May 05
Digital Cinema: "Hui Buh" - Life Action But Fully Animated Main Actor
Michael Coldewey, CEO, Trixter Productions GmbH & Co. KG

The speakers will give insights into the various steps in movie production: expectations to character and style of the animation, CG Modeling, animation, compositing and pipelining. Popular German comedian "Bully" is the voice of Hui Buh, therefore the animation style had to be cartoon-like but with facial expressions based on “Bully’s” comedy art. To create convincing human CG characters in lead roles in live action films is difficult, mostly because of the complexity of a real life face. On top of this “Hui Buh” also had to bring along the possibility to exaggerate facial expressions, to squash and stretch and bounce. Examples of this facial development process, the face rig used and the Maya model will be shown during the presentation. They will continue to show the main levels of a typical combination of CG animation, VFX and life action. At the end the speakers will present the production pipeline that was used for the film.

Trixter is an independent production company based in Munich, founded in 1998 by Michael Coldewey. We focus on the development and production of international high-quality animated feature films and TV series as well as cooperate as producer, co-producer and service provider with other leading European animation companies. As a service provider, Trixter produces commercials (2D and 3D) and visual effects for live action films.

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