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Wednesday May 03
Raum Reutlingen
"Sexy curves and brilliant lights – the future of automotive visualization"
Andrea Gunschera, Head of print&movie department, RTT AG

The lecture is about the possibilities of photorealistic visualization and staging. Photo or rendering? On the basis of examples, approaches to a convincing presentation of virtual vehicles is shown.

Andrea Gunschera study interior architecture and industrial design at Burg Giebichenstein HKD Halle. From 2000 – 2001 she had a university teaching position for “3D design by digital tools” at Hochschule Magdeburg. She did freelance work / 3D modelling and visualisation, e.g. for EADS, Siemens Beleuchtungstechnik, Mauser Office. Since 2001 she is head of the print&movie department at RTT AG.

Andrea Gunschera
Head of print&movie department

RTT a leading supplier of 3D visualization technologies and services the automotive, aircraft and consumer goods industries. RTT serves its customers not only during the design and developing phase regarding the virtual display of different product concepts (Virtual Prototyping) but also during the marketing and sales phase regarding the presentation of the products in the Showroom (Virtual Showroom), on the Internet, at fairs or at the Point of Sale.

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