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Friday May 05
Digital Cinema: Please Sir, can I have some more ? - Visual Effects for "Oliver Twist"
Manfred Büttner, TVT Postproduction GmbH

Manfred Büttner, as supervising vfx producer looked after the production of digital visual effects for "Oliver Twist". He will tell us about the production of “invisible visual effects” and his 15 month work experience with Roman Polanski and his team.

Since 1985, Manfred Büttner has been working in digital visual effects and has worked on over 50 cinema and several tv-features such as "Maléna", "Winged Migration", "Whale Rider" or "Oliver Twist". At the moment, he is working with the Studio Hamburg production “Die drei Fragezeichen und das Geheimnis der Geisterinsel" (engl. "The Three Investigators And The Secret Of Skeleton Island") and the Sat-1 Event Movie "Die Krähen" (Production: Stream Film AG).

Manfred Büttner

TVT Postproduction GmbH

tvt. postproduction GmbH was founded in 1982 in Frankfurt/Main and has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hanover. The company specializes in digital visual effects for films.

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