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Tuesday May 02
Metropol 3
Volda University College, Department of media and journalism
Torbjorn Lien, Lecturer, Volda University College

This will be a presentation of the Animation Study at the Volda University College in Norway. Torbjorn Lien will show examples of our student's work, with it’s mix of digital and analogue animation techniques, and present an overview of our study programme. He will also talk a little bit about how their unique position in Norway has given them the opportunity to give an important contribution to the small but growing animation industry there.

Torbjørn Lien is a lecturer in animation, storyboarding and film-theory. He has made a couple of animated shorts, but is in Norway mostly known as a newspaper-cartoonist and comic-book artist. His comic "Kollektivet" is one of the five most popular commercial comics in Norway today.

Torbjorn Lien
Volda University College

Volda University College has been training students for work in the film and television industry since 1971. During the 30 years of its existence, the College has built up professional production resources for television and animation, and has a good theoretical basis through research and practical experience.The Animation Study is a three-year full-time study, and is the only of it's kind in Norway. It qualifies for a Bachelor Degree in Animation (180 ECTS credits). Our major goal is to give the students the practical and theoretical education they need to work professional with animation in such diverse fields as television news, public relations, advertising and entertainment; as well as enabling them to use animation for personal, artistic expression. The students are given introduction to as diverse techniques as cartoon-animation; puppet-animation/stop-motion; experimental techniques like direct film, sand, etc; and digital techniques using Flash, After Effects and Maya-software. The students are encouraged to combine techniques, specialize, and put their personal expressions into their work.

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