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Wednesday May 03
List-Saal:Galerie B

*held in German
The DRAKE project,
D.R.A.K.E. the adventure of building a digital cinema camera*
Markus Rupprecht/The DRAKE project , Steffen Hacker/unexpected gmbh

What if you could make a wish... Let’s say you are both a director and a DOP and plan to do a really big no budget fantasy movie. No money to rent the good stuff. What’s left besides wishing? Do it yourself! Build a camera and a complete low budget but high quality digital workflow!

What is (fake) filmlook? What is real digital film? What is it not? How can you get it avoiding typical video problems and anoying ground glass solutions? We will show the technology, the workflow and the results. Visitors will have the chance to play with the camera and the material.

Markus Rupprecht
Director, DOP
The DRAKE project

Steffen Hacker studied at the Institute for Animation and Visual Effects at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Since 2005 he is Lead Compositor and Head of the VFX-Department at Unexpected Postproduction GmbH.

Steffen Hacker
Head of VFX
unexpected gmbh

For our strange film ideas we need strange tools. So we ended up in building both

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