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Thursday May 04
Flyboys - An idiots guide to aerial dogfighting
Graham Jack, Senior Technical Director, Double Negative

I'll be working through the development of one particular sequence from the Flyboys film. I'll show how the sequence developed from the storyboards, through the early pre-vis animation to the final fully rendered shots that appeared in the film. In the process I'll be showing the many layers that go into the more complex shots and how they fit together. I'll also talk about some of the technical challenges that we faced on Flyboys and the tools that we developed to overcome them; including digital cloudscapes, motion capturing stunt planes and simply getting over 700 shots through the facility.

After graduating from the University of Reading with a degree in Cybernetics and Control Engineering, Graham worked as a previs artist at the Magic Camera Company on Lost in Space. From there he followed a varied career path, working in holography and television graphics before joining Double Negative as a Technical Director in 2002. Since joining Double Negative Graham has worked on a variety of films including Die Another Day, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Chronicles of Riddick. Graham recently finished work on Christopher Nolan's stylish reinvention of the Batman saga: Batman Begins. On Batman, Graham was heavily involved in the creating a new rendering pipeline at Double Negative wich has allowed them to go on to complete over 700 shots on Flyboys, a film about first world war fighter pilots.

Graham Jack
Senior Technical Director
Double Negative

Double Negative, located in the heart of London's Soho, was set up in 1998 with a team of 30 staff. Since then the company has grown to 150+ staff. The facility now covers two sites working in 20,000 ft of space. Through our growth we have always sought to retain a creative drive and involvement of our artists through all projects, ensuring that they have a close collaboration with clients. This approach ensures films both small and large receive the same high standard of creative and technical service. Over the last 6 months the company has completed 300 shots for Batman Begins, 180 shots for Doom, 200 shots for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and 700+ shots for Flyboys.

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