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Thursday May 04
List-Saal:Galerie A
Filmakademie TD Presentations
Sebastian H. Schmidt/, Volker Heisterberg/, Robin Reyer/, Daniel Stern/, Florian Waldenmaier/, Bernhard Haux/

The Technical Director course combines artistic and technical subject matters with the goal of solving complex tasks in the various productions at the Institute of Animation. Students with a preliminary diploma in computer science or similar can apply for the 2 year postgraduate study.
During the course, students will learn how to develop tools and techniques for advanced character rigging, rendering, compositing, and all sorts of simulations. Some students also take the opportunity to participate in the research activities of the Institute (Artificial Actors Project). The Presentations will give an overview of the diverse tasks that technical directors are faced with, such as:
  • "Kuhfo" - Rendering with Nvidia Gelato/Sebastian H. Schmidt
  • Maya PaintFX - Disease Visualization for "Aal im Schädel"/Volker Heisterberg
  • VFX Supervision for Stop Motion Animation/Volker Heisterberg, Robin Reyer
  • Shading and Lighting for Virtual Actors/Robin Reyer
  • Flocking algorithms for mystical plant growth/Daniel Stern
  • Automated Render Pipeline/Florian Waldenmaier
  • "Me & my Bike" - Special Needs of a Cartoon Character/Bernhard Haux

The same presentation is also scheduled for Friday, May 5th, 12:00, Studio B

Sebastian H. Schmidt studied MediaSystems at the Bauhaus University Weimar. He used to work for the Research Project "Artifical Actors" at the Institute for Animation and since fall 2005 he is studying technical director at the Institute. In his recent Diploma Thesis (Bauhaus University Weimar) about "GPU based Real-Time Facial Animation" he explores the capabilities of graphics hardware to achieve more believable facial animations.

Sebastian H. Schmidt
Student TD

After studying applied computer science in Berlin and working as a freelance 3d artist for many years, Volker Heisterberg combined his technical and artistic skills to complete the postgraduate Technical Director study at the Filmakademie in 2006. During his studies he worked on such diverse projects as "Aal im Schaedel", "Timeless" or "WuWo" and loves experimenting with styles for music clips.

Volker Heisterberg
Graduate TD

Postgraduated Technical Director Robin Reyer has been working on lighting, shading - especially skinshading as well as skinshading for realtime - and rendering for different projects initiated by the research group at the Filmakademie.
Robin was studying Media Computer Science at the Stuttgart Media University (University of applied science), laying the cornerstone for further Technical Director studies at the Institute of Animation. In addition to the works for the research group he was involved in student projects working on shading, lighting and rendering for VFX, scripting and pipelining.

Robin Reyer
Graduate TD

Daniel Stern graduated his studies in Media Computer Science at Furtwangen University with his diploma thesis about flocking and crowd animation in 2004. He is currently studying Technical Director at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and will present his approach to use flocking algorithms for the automatic creation of enchanted forests.

Daniel Stern
Student TD

Florian Waldenmaier studiert seit Oktober 2004 Animation/Technical Director am Institut für Animation, Visual Effects und Digitale Postproduktion der Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg. Davor schloß er sein Studium der Medieninformatk an der Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart – Vaihingen als Diplom Ingenieur ab. Während seines Erststudiums war er als freier Mitarbeiter bei den Firmen Mackevision, eJay, Media Arts und im Bereich 2D/3D Animation und Visualisierung beschäftigt.

Florian Waldenmaier
Graduate TD

Born in Munich, Bernhard Haux's fascination for drawing & cartoons brought
him to Asset Media International AG. After 3 years coordinating the
production of TV-Series and working as Freelance 3D-Artist, he decided to
focus on his passion and started to pick up Studies in animation.
He explored 2D animation during his time at "Les Gobelins" (Paris) and
is today student at the Institute of Animation, developing character rigs & tools
that give 3D Animators the graphical possibilities known from 2D

Bernhard Haux

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