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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema and the 4K Dilemma
Kay Hoffmann, film journalist, Texte - Bilder - Events

Digital cinema will come. In the next five years, the general roll out will take place. That is told us since 1995. But meanwhile it looks like it can become true, if not in five years, perhaps in ten years. At the moment around 800 of the around 150.000 screens worldwide are already equipped in 2K – 38 in Germany alone. 4.000 screens worldwide can be converted into digital per year. The System Specifications of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), in which all the major studios are organized, is helpful to define international standards. But for the daily business in the theatres, also other questions have to be solved like the integration of the trailers, commercials and the cinema automation. The presentation will give an overview about actual developments, the positions of producers, distributors and cinema owners. Are E-cinema solutions with 1,4 K beamers a good alternative for European programming? Who will have the control over the program in the theatres? Will the cinema has a chance against other entertainment options? But the most important question stays, who should pay for it? That is true for 2K, but even more for 4K which is the DCI vision of the digital future.

Kay Hoffmann organized several film- and TV-festival (e.g. Berlin International Film Festival, INPUT ’98, FMX, Museum – Movie – Multimedia, Dokville 2005) and conferences and regularly worked for the Documentary Film Centre Stuttgart ( He is working as a film-journalist, -researcher and -historian. His publications include: Geschichte und Ästhetik des dokumentarischen Films in Deutschland 1895-1945. Bd. 3 (2005), Triumph der Bilder (2003), Die Einübung des dokumentarischen Blicks (2001), Cinemas Futures: Cain, Abel or Cable? The Screen Arts in the Digital Age (1998), Trau - Schau - Wem. Digitalisierung und dokumentarische Form (1997), Am Ende Video – Video am Ende? (1990).

Kay Hoffmann
film journalist
Texte - Bilder - Events

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