fmx/conference comprises of fmx/essentials, this year with Special Events about new films and the main topic "Globalisation", fmx/talks is about Animation (Animated Features, TV Series, Animated Shorts), Effects (Workflow from Preproduction to Postproduction), Games (Convergence Film/Games, Emotion in Games) and Content (Funding, Mobile Entertainment, etc.) as well as fmx/screenings, showing together with the Stuttgart International Festival Of Animated Film, animated shorts from all over the world in digital cinema quality, and films discussed in fmx/conference.
In the fmx/technologies we have a series of talks on Visualization in Industry and Science, in cooperation with MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg, another focus will be Digital Cinema and rendering.

Oscar winners at fmx/conference

The Oscar winner "Wallace & Gromit" will be represented at fmx by David Sproxton of Aardman. Jason Wen from The Moving Picture Company will also be talking about "Wallace & Gromit". There will be a special in fmx/essentials about the Oscar winner "King Kong". Matt Aitken from Weta FX will be telling us about the work on "King Kong" at the Weta Experience. At fmx/screenings, Chris Landreth will present "Ryan", Oscar winner 2005 for the best animated short, as well as Eric Armstrong who, on Saturday, will talk about his current work with Electronic Arts in the Games Section and present his animated short "Chubb Chubbs" developed for Sony Pictures Imageworks which won an Oscar in 2003. “One Man Band” the new animated short from Pixar which was also nominated for the animated short Oscar this year will also be shown at fmx/screenings. At fmx/talks, Bill Westenhofer from Rythm & Hues will talk about the digital creatures film "Narnia" which was nominated for Visual Effects Oscar this year.

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