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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema: Color for Digital Intermediate
Harald Brendel, Head of Application Engineering Digital Intermediate, ARRI

Harald Brendel will go into detail regarding the most important formats of images used in the digital intermediate process (DI). He will focus to a lesser extent on file formats used but put his main focus on the differentiation between logarithmic, photographic, and linear reproduction of images. In this context the most important features of film negative and print film will be explained.

For more than 10 years, Harald Brendel has worked in the field of digital post production for film. As technical supervisor he contributed to both national and international DI productions. Since 2004 he has worked as a specialist for applications with ARRI Cine Technik. One of his focal points is colour management.

Harald Brendel
Head of Application Engineering Digital Intermediate

ARRI is an international synonym for the world’s best-selling cameras as well as for top quality lighting equipment. ARRI also supplies high-end digital products, like the ARRILASER, the worldwide standard in film recording, the new digital film-style camera ARRIFLEX D-20, the ARRISCAN, and ALICE, an interactive preview system, and a Color Management System for post-production facilities. A network of 40 agencies provides professional service and distribution worldwide. The headquarters also offer a whole range of services for film and television production.

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