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Friday May 05
Digital Cinema: Interlinking the postproduction for Luftbrücke
Bernd Hellthaler/Elektrofilm Postproduction Facilities GmbH, Niels Rinke/Elektrofilm Postproduction Facilities GmbH

The lecture deals with the postproduction structures and necessities of VFX intensive TV productions. We will use the example of the TV Event movie “Luftbrücke” to explain the workflows especially for picture and sound editing in accordance with high requirements regarding quality and process.

In 1979, Bernd Hellthaler founded the company. In the ELEKTROFILM group he is Managing Director for marketing, sales, business development as well as customer service.
As a producer, Bernd Hellthaler has participated in over 100 music programmes and in the feature film "Fateless" (2004/ 2005, competition contribution for the Berlinale 2005) and "Yasmin" (2004, competition contribution in Locarno 2004, public prize in Dinard, European Tempelton Award). He is also Chairman of EuroArts Music International GmbH and member of the advisory board at the Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg as well as member of the board of the International Music Centre (IMZ) in Vienna.

Bernd Hellthaler
Board of Directors
Elektrofilm Postproduction Facilities GmbH

Niels Rinke studied Film and TV Producing at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Potsdam. In 2001 he was Producer at EuroArts Entertainment Filmproduktions GmbH and since 2002 is a producer at ELEKTROFILM Postproduction Facilities GmbH.

The ELEKTROFILM Postproduction Facilities GmbH is part of the internationally active ELEKTROFILM group with branches in Stuttgart, Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Cologne, Munich and Los Angeles/ Burbank. The company was created in 2002. The post production house with experienced experts, offers a wide range of services for film, television and advertisement. The service covers image and tone editing, VFX, synchronisation, transfer, archive as well as Authoring & Encoding. At the Berlinale this year, three films post produced by ELEKTROFILM were to be seen: "ELEMENTARTEILCHEN" from the successful director Oscar Roehler was in the international competition as well as Hans-Christian Schmieds’ "REQUIEM KNALLHART" from Detlev Buck in Panorama

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