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Thursday May 04
Raum Reutlingen
Film restoration - an insight to digital film restoration in terms of processing, storage and future procedures

Rainer Matthias Engel, VFX-Supervisor, Compositor ,

Markets change! An insight to digital image treatment and pipeline issues concerning image restoration is given. Talking about new markets and the changes which come along with them, you can say, the knowledge of preservation becomes a really important factor.
The presentation is a summary of my thesis on the topic of digital film restoration, a compositors view to the whole business. In the next four years two worlds will collide. The VFX-sector will melt together with the existing tools in restoration applications and vice versa.

1981 born in Kiel, Germany / 2001 university-entrance diploma
2001 general conscription, staff service (corporal)
2002 laboratory at Plazamedia (Ismaning), CBC (Cologne)
2004 founding of "artificial.edge-productions" SOFTWARE/MEDIA GbR
2006 final degree as "Diplom Digital Artist" (GERMAN FILM SCHOOL)

Rainer Matthias Engel
VFX-Supervisor, Compositor

I'm currently working as a freelancer in the field of my main interest which is compositing. The last weeks I produced a MTV commercial and I’m involved in preproduction issues for some music clips.
At the same time I'm developing concepts for future restoration projects and new structures to manage them in a larger scale.

But, as a status for now, I'll have a look to what's next …

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