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Friday May 05
Raum Karlsruhe
Visualisation: Product Variety as a Challenge - Industrial Production based on a Variant Configuration Tool

Thomas Rühlemann, Head of Production, Lumo Graphics GmbH

Offering a variety of products is a good way to meet the customer's needs exactly. Today, the modern product variety based on modular product concepts makes millions of product varieties with efficient construction and production possible. But how can the marketing manager show this variety to the customers? In the sales process companies are increasingly using 3D-Visualisation to support the product configuration. The quality of these pictures does not quite reach the desired requirements of the product photography. As an alternative solution based on a master model where exact Visualisation data of the product configuration is illustrated, realistic photo-pictures are created. The composition and challenges posed by such a process-integrated master model are described in the presentation with the Mercedes-Benz bus as an example. The technological development paths for the photo-realistic Visualisation of product varieties are also outlined.

After studying Media Informatics at Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences in 1996, Thomas Ruehlemann began his career as deputy production manager at Media Systems, a pioneering company enterprise for Virtual Reality in Germany. In 1998, he and his partners created the company Lumo Graphics in Karlsruhe. He is in charge of the production in the company and deals with the technological aspects of industrial preparation of CAD data and Realtime Raytracing.

Thomas Rühlemann
Head of Production
Lumo Graphics GmbH

Lumo Graphics is an experienced partner in the field of industrial 3D-Visualisation for product configuration, customer communication and photo-realistic representation of variant products. The customer portfolio is focused on public transportation and mechanical engineering. The company is located at the heart of the technology region Karlsruhe, being close to the customers and also the newest technological developments. The team of 10 employees combines Visualisation competence and and understanding for the processes with the industrial experience of many years.

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