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Thursday May 04
Raum Reutlingen
Dreamwalks GmbH,
The Idea of Collaborative Environments and Pipelines with Autodesk Toxik
Fabio Ticca, Product Specialist, Dreamwalks Solutions for Moving Pictures GmbH

Last year, Autodesk Media and Entertainment introduced a new visual effect environment to their product line called Autodesk Toxik. Focusing on the future trends in business, Toxik addresses, we will enlighten what’s the idea behind collaborative environments and why Autodesk Toxik is both an architecture and a product. And finally, we will see Autodesk Toxik in full action. Stay tuned!!!

During his studies as a computer scientist, Fabio Ticca always looked for contact to the media sector, especially to high-end environments like research institutes, developing software and content for Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments and Virtual Studios. In the last few years he was part of the community introducing the new era of 3D & DVD tools into this market and now he is doing the same with Autodesk Toxik.

Dreamwalks Solutions for Moving Pictures GmbH is a dedicated systems house for high end post production solutions in the digital media creation environment. Dreamwalks is the sole reseller for Autodesk Media and Entertainment products , such as Discreet Lustre, Discreet Inferno, Flame , Flint or Discreet Fire, Smoke in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Dreamwalks also carries Autodesk Toxik, 3ds Max and Alias Maya alongside the complete DVS product range. Dreamwalks provides training, consulting and support for these products. Dreamwalks drives an authorized Autodesk Trainings Centre for Discreet Systems in Munich.

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