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Thursday May 04
Raum Reutlingen

*held in German
Autodesk, Media & Entertainment,
From Storyboard to Final Cutscene – The Production of Movie Sequences in one of the Biggest Computer Game Productions Made in Germany*
Thomas Langhanki/SEK GmbH, Marco Roeth/SEK GmbH

Paraworld is one of the most complex and expensive computer game productions ever made in Germany. The story featured in the game is being told through about 2 hours of real-time cutscenes. How were they developed and implemented? Thomas Langhanki and Marco Roeth detail the process and introduce the workflow as well as the tool chain, showing storyboards, animatics and explaining how programs such as Motion Builder and 3D Studio Max were used to import and refine motion-capturing data, create and animate other objects and build specific settings for the sequences. SEK also will demonstrate their very own sequence editor, that was made to stage the scenes based on the resulting output.

Thomas Langhanki has been in the gaming business for more than 16 years now. During that time, he worked with partners such as Microprose (Pizza Connection) or Warner Interactive, Atari and Microsoft. Thomas also studied animation at the Film&Television Academy in Babelsberg/Germany and wrote his diploma thesis on skeletal animation in computer games. In 1998 he founded the Spieleentwicklungskombinat (SEK) together with Carolin Batke, Ingo Neumann and Carsten Orthband. The intention was to form a team to create and develop new, innovative IPs. Brands that go beyond computer games and could also be used for trading card or board games, comics or even movies.
More than 40 people are currently working on the ambitious real-time strategy title "Paraworld". The game will be published by Sunflowers and Deep Silver and is slated for a release in Summer 2006.

Thomas Langhanki
Art Director & Head Designer

Marco Roeth attended the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg/Germany where he studied Digital Media. After graduating he was involved in the production of animation films ("Der Kleine Eisbär"/"The Little Polarbear", "Käpt’n Blaubär") and music videos (Die Ärzte). In 2002 he joined SEK (Spieleentwicklungskombinat) and is now the head of the animation team working on Paraworld.

Marco Roeth
Lead Animator

Autodesk Media and Entertainment, a division of Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in integrated digital content creation, management and distribution tools. They develop effects and compositing systems (inferno, flame, flint and combustion), editing and finishing systems (fire and smoke), colour grading (lustre), workflow and media management (backdraft, burn, stone direct, stone shared) and 3D animation (3ds max). Their products are all used extensively in film and video post-production, games, animation and multimedia, television programming, and news & event coverage.

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