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Realtime Film Festival

Thursday May 04
Realtime Award
Realtime Awards Ceremony
Aaron Koenig/Bitfilm Festival, Ekkehard Brüggemann /DigitaleKultur e.V. , Chris Allen/The Light Surgeons, John Mamais/ACONY Games, Karin Wehn/Universität Leipzig, Hugh Hancock/Strange Company

At the Realtime Award we will be screening the most interesting Demos, Machinimas, CutScenes, Flash Animations and Visuals of last year.
The international jury consisting of Hugh Hancock, Karin Wehn, Ekkehard Brüggemann, Chris Allen, John Mamais and its chair Aaron König from Bitfilm Festival Hamburg, will announce the winners of each of the five categories.

Valuable prices will be donated by NVIDIA, Adobe, Avid and MAXON.

Works have been submitted from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Hungary and the USA.

Aaron Koenig founded Bitfilm in 1999, together with two partners who have in the meantime left the company. He focuses on new business.

Aaron has studied audiovisual media communication at the University of the Arts Berlin and the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. His final thesis about TV design in Brazil was published as a book by TR Verlagsunion Munich. After working as a magazine and TV journalist and as a TV designer for the TV channels Vox and Premiere, he helped to start the online departments of Pixelpark Berlin and MME Hamburg in 1994/95. In 1996 he co-founded the multimedia agency Lava where he worked as the creative director for customers like ARD German television, Der Stern, Die Zeit etc. He was responsible for the launch of Die Tagesschau, one of the world's first websites to heavily use streaming video.

He left Lava in 1998 and joined the Swedish company Spray (later merged with Razorfish, New York) to build up the Hamburg office and a German online service. Aaron teaches Media Culture at Hamburg University and Audiovisual Media at the Hamburg Media School and the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg.

Aaron Koenig
Managing Director
Bitfilm Festival

After Brüggemann was early adopting the digital age with the age of 12 he connected himself to the creative C64 programming demoscene in the mid 80th. After this initial contact he put himself into several years of creative programming and hacking and he later arranged one of the most recognized festivals for digital realtime arts together with a group of other scene-enthusiasts: The last edition of „Mekka Symposium“-festival in 2002 connected about 1200 creative people from all over the world and was known as one of the major physical melting pots of the creative demoscene. After his studies of special education at the university of Hannover Brüggemann was cofounder of the Realtime 3D Company LIGHTCUBE Technologies in 2000 where he was working as public relations and marketing manager. Until then he worked at several projects in this position in the computer-games industry. Right now he works as a teacher at a school for mental development. For Digitale Kultur e.V., a good society located in Cologne, germany, Brüggemann is volunteering as press contacts executive and is taking care of the public interests of the german demoscene.

Ekkehard Brüggemann

DigitaleKultur e.V.

Chris is 31 years old and lives and works in east London. His passion for art, design, music and film led to his foundation of “The Light Surgeons” in 1996 shortly after graduating from Portsmouth University. The company was founded to explore work that fell outside the traditional institutions of art and design. Chris has been the creative director within TLS for the past ten years and has produced and directed many short films and installation projects but also is a prolific photographer and designer. TLS has allowed him to work across a diverse range of media and bring them together in pioneering new forms of expression, such as their live audio-visual performances which have spawned a whole new platform in mixed-media art.

John Mamais has been a Producer at ACONY since October 2004. Mamais is an industry veteran with over 10 years experience as a Producer and Game Designer. He has been involved creatively on licensed and original game projects since 1992, ranging from Lego Alpha Team at Digital Domain to the Incredible Hulk game franchise at Vivendi Universal. Prior to joining ACONY, Mamais produced Battlestar Galactica on the Xbox and PS2, and directed EdenFX for all the prerendered cinematic cut scenes in the game.

John Mamais

Since 1999 Lecturer of Media Studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. She has had Guest Professorships at the University of Fine Arts, Berlin, the University of Halle-Wittenberg and University for Applied Sciences, Leipzig.
She has researched the history of Web animation (especially Flash) since the late 1990s and published extensively on the subject.
Her other research fields include animation history and theory, web culture, media theory, film analysis and dubbing. She has also curated and moderated several programmes for film festivals and has been a jury member for several festivals.

Karin Wehn
Scientific Worker /Dept. Media Studies./Media Culture
Universität Leipzig

Hugh Hancock is the founder of Strange Company, the world's oldest professional Machinima production company. He has directed more than 16 Machinima animations, including both work for the BBC, BAFTA, Scottish Screen and computer games giant Electronic Arts, as well as several acclaimed independent films. As the founder and former Editor-In-Chief of, the center of the Machinima movement on the Internet, he has lectured on Machinima on three continents and was described by the Hamburg International Film Festival as "the guru of the Machinima movement".

Hugh Hancock
Executive Producer
Strange Company

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