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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema: Digital Image Acquisition
Klaus Weber/Grass Valley , Gisbert Hochgürtel/Sony Deutschland GmbH, Oliver Temmler/ARRI

Viper, Venom and the FilmStream Workflow (Klaus Weber, Grass Valley)
The Viper FilmStream camera and the Venom FlashPak recorder offer a unique
solution for demanding electronic cinematography applications. The Viper camera uses frame transfer CCD image devices with the HD-DPM+ functionality for a lossless format switching between different image formats and standards. The FilmStream workflow which have been developed for the Viper by the Grass Valley camera design department and the newly introduced Venom FlashPak recorder facilitates a new way of transporting the uncompressed and unprocessed image data's from the camera into the postproduction.

HD – Videoproduction for Film- & TV Applications (Dipl.-Ing. Gisbert Hochgürtel, Sony)
Up to now high-quality programm productions for TV and cinema have been produced almost exclusively on film like 35mm or super16. Film served in this connection as an international exchange format as well as a high-quality base for 2K scans for digital postproduction. However, this changed fundamentally when the high-resolution HD video standard (1920x1080 pixel) with a frame rate of 24fps repectively 25fps was introduced. In this presentation the possibilities and limitations of today's HD video technology are described and compared to those of conventional film.

Research and development of the D-20 (Oliver Temmler, Arri)
The ARRI Group has introduced a camera concept combining the handling, functionality and creative options of film cameras with the immediacy of digital cameras, making it ideal for TV oriented applications where turn-around time and costs are key issues. Oliver Temmler will give an introduction on the target of the ARRI research and development of the D-20. He will provide information about the CMOS sensor and is going to speak furthermore about the internal images processing inside the ARRI D-20. The presentation will be completed by some considerations about postproduction workflows following the digital image acquisition.

Klaus Weber was born on 19th September 1961 in Darmstadt/Germany. He workes as a Marketing and Business Development Manager for Cameras at BTS, Philips Broadcast, Thomson Grass Valley. Before that he had several positions in technical support, technical training and product sales at Hitachi Denshi (Europe)GmbH.

Klaus Weber
Business Development Manager EROW Camera
Grass Valley

After graduating from school in 1980, Gisbert Hochgürtel received training as photographer for commercials and industry. From 1985 to 1990 he studied at FH Cologne at the faculty of photo-engineering. From 1991 to 1999 he worked as sales representative and product manager with Ikegami Electronics (Europe). Since 12/99 he has worked as product manager for camera and recording systems with Sony Deutschland GmbH /Abt. PSE-D.

Gisbert Hochgürtel
Product Manager
Sony Deutschland GmbH

Oliver Temmler studied from 1997 – 2005 media technology engineering with the following field of study: media production (Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany). In 2000 he made a 6 months internship in postproduction (Matchframe San Antonio, TX, USA). He made his thesis on Evaluation tools for HD cameras based on ARRI’s D-20 prototype (ARRI Munich/TU Ilmenau). In 2005 he made his degree in media technology engineering (TU Ilmenau). Since 2005 he works as Application Engineer, Camera Support Dept. at ARRI Cine Technik (ARRI Munich).

Oliver Temmler
Application Engineer

Klaus Weber: Grass Valley
Founded in 1929 as Fernseh GmbH Grass Valley Germany GmbH today delivers a variety of SDTV, HDTV and film based products providing complete system solutions from the acquisition via production and postproduction towards the broadcasting or film istribution of content. World wide operating product lines in Weiterstadt are Post Production Solutions (Telecines, Scanners, Image processing products), Life Production Solutions (Digital video switchers for TV studios, OB vans and production houses), Broadcast Systems (TV studios, OB vans, newsroom concepts, playout centers, tapeless facilities, signal management, systems, consulting), Shared Resources and Business Development.

Gisbert Hochgürtel: Sony
Sony produces solutions in regard to audio, video, communication, and IT for both consumers and B2B markets worldwide. With its branches Music, Film, Games, and Online, Sony is uniquely positioned to become the leading provider of Personal Broadband Entertainment in the 21st century. In Europe, Sony's B2B division belongs to the leading producers of horizontal communication solutions as well as magnetic and optic memory solutions. Among other things Sony Business Europe provides products, service and support solutions for health-care systems, the media, retail industry, big events and transportation.

Oliver Temmler: ARRI
ARRI is an international synonym for the world’s best-selling cameras as well as for top quality lighting equipment. ARRI also supplies high-end digital products, like the ARRILASER, the worldwide standard in film recording, the new digital film-style camera ARRIFLEX D-20, the ARRISCAN, and ALICE, an interactive preview system, and a Color Management System for post-production facilities. A network of 40 agencies provides professional service and distribution worldwide. The headquarters also offer a whole range of services for film and television production. Visit our website for further information:

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