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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema: New projection technologies for 4k E- and D-Cinema
CinemaNet Europe - A Case Study

Jürgen Burghardt/Sony Deutschland GmbH, Björn Koll/Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH

Jürgen Burghardt, Sony
Since mid-2006 DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) has adopted specifications for future D-Cinema systems. An important part of these specifications is the determination of the picture's local resolution in 2k or 4k. For some time already projectors with 2k resolution have been available, but only the higher 4k resolution with its projectors will allow for generating an image quality that provides a genuine film quality equal to or better than 35mm. This presentation goes into detail of the latest development of 4k projectors and illustrates it taking Sony's SXRD Technology as an example.

Björn Koll, Salzgeber & Co.
Don't talk about it, do it... Since November 2004, digital cinema has arrived in 175 European programme cinemas. What is different about the European pilot project, CinemaNet Europe, why going its own way could be important and must digital cinema be completely under the dictation of the large Hollywood of studios?

Jürgen Burghardt became in 1984 head of technical training at Sony Broadcast Ltd. Cologne. He worked for Sony as team leader for the products of "Digital Broadcast Systems", as marketing head of "Broadcast & Production", as Senior Manager Broadcast Strategy and Market Development, and since 2006 he holds the position of Senior Manager Strategic Projects.

Jürgen Burghardt
Senior Manager Strategic Projects
Sony Deutschland GmbH

In 1989 Björn Koll joined Manfred Salzgeber in the distribution business Edition Salzgeber. In 1994 Koll and his partner Kurt Kupferschmid took over the company. Since 1994 he has been CEO and the main shareholder of the company.

Björn Koll
Managing Director
Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH

Sony produces solutions in regard to audio, video, communication, and IT for both consumers and B2B markets worldwide. With its branches Music, Film, Games, and Online, Sony is uniquely positioned to become the leading provider of Personal Broadband Entertainment in the 21st century. In Europe, Sony's B2B division belongs to the leading producers of horizontal communication solutions as well as magnetic and optic memory solutions.

CinemaNet Europe is bringing documentaries to the big screen by transforming independent cinemas across eight countries into digital cinemas. These screens will receive films by satellite instead of reels. With digital technology, CinemaNet Europe is making it easier and more affordable to get European films to a wider audience.

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