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Realtime Film Festival

Wednesday May 03
Raum Karlsruhe
Realtime Sessions
Interactive Films and Digital Actors
Mark Stephen Meadows

This talk considers the increasingly important role that characters are taking in video games and other forms of interactive narrative. The talk reviews problems that this presents, both in terms of graphic design and psychological profile. Story-based character interaction is outlined, and narrative and interactive design goals are presented. At the end of the talk an AI/AE system that is able to interact with users on an emotional level will be outlined and, time permitting, presented.

Mark Stephen Meadows (alias pighed) is a visual artist who writes. He has spent time at Xerox-PARC, Stanford Research Institute, and has co-founded three companies that relate to artificial intelligence, interactive narrative, or virtual reality. In 2002 he published, "Pause & Effect; The Art of Interactive Narrative" and he is currently writing "Simulus & Response; The Art of Digital Humans". His website, “The BOAR.DOM” consists of,, and

Mark Stephen Meadows

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