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Saturday May 06
Raum Reutlingen
Filmakademie ,
3D live action without glasses
Volker Hahn/Octoscope, Benjamin Klapper/Octoscope, Kristof Köhler/Octoscope, Marcus Zaiser/Octoscope

Newly developed monitors can deliver three-dimensional images to mass audiences - without the need for special glasses. This is achieved by combining eight views from different angles into one three-dimensional viewing impression. Until recently there was only CG content for these monitors and upconverted stereo-camera films that could not use the full potential of the monitor technology. Now a camera system has been developed to directly record eight perspectives. It was used to shoot the first live action eight-view 3D-film. The speakers will present their "Octoscope" camera system and will talk about the numerous challenges they faced in system design, directing, image composition and postproduction.

Dr. Volker Hahn has been working as a freelance author and director for science film for several years. Volker Hahn initiated and managed the 3D project from the beginning. He wrote the scripts for the current Octoscope 3D film.

Volker Hahn

Benjamin Klapper, Diplom-Ingenieur for Imaging and Media Technology, studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne/Germany. In his diploma thesis he developed multiview recording techniques for autostereoscopic displays in Jena. He works as a freelancer in media production and conference technology.

Benjamin Klapper
3d engineer

Kristof Köhler has a diploma in theoretical physics and studies corporate and science film at the Filmschool Baden-Württemberg. As a freelancer he maintains storage and playout servers for production companies and TV stations. Kristof directed the Octoscope showreel, develops the recording system and manages the dataflow in the digital postproduction.

Kristof Köhler
writer/director/technical director

Marcus Zaiser successfully completed his studies in Film and Media at the Filmschool Baden-Württemberg in 2006. From 2002 to 2003 he spent a year at the Polish Filmschool in Lodz. His main focus is on the art of cinematography and Marcus is now working as a Director Of Photography for feature films, documentaries and commercials.

Marcus Zaiser
director of photography

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