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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema: Compression and Packaging
Christoph Nufer/Institut für Rundfunktechnik, Ernesto Santos /MOG Solutions

The presentation will give an overview of the current work that is underway in the field of compression and packaging for Digital Cinema. The first part of the presentation will draw the big picture taking as reference the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specification. The affected steps in the Digital Cinema chain will be identified, and current research and standardization efforts will be covered, with special emphasis on related SMPTE standards. The second part will provide a deep insight in the new technologies that are needed and currently introduced. This will include JPEG2000 and other essence formats, metadata models, the Material Exchange Format (MXF) as the common wrapper format and the need of standard compliance testing of these technologies. Several examples will be given during the presentation.

Christoph Nufer was born in Germany in 1978. He graduated in Audiovisual Media from the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien) in 2003. He wrote his diploma thesis about MXF and the standard compliance testing of MXF files.Since 2003, Christoph Nufer is a research engineer at the IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik, München) and works in the fields of IT-based production systems, file formats with a focus on MXF and metadata models for television productions. He is a member of FKTG and SMPTE.

Christoph Nufer
Research Engineer
Institut für Rundfunktechnik

Ernesto Santos was born in Portugal in 1976. He graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Porto in 1998. He is co-founder and Head of Engineering Operations of MOG Solutions, a leading provider of MXF based solutions. He is also an experienced contributor to standardization bodies. As a member of the Portuguese delegation at MPEG, he was involved in the development of MPEG-21 – The Multimedia Framework. As a member of SMPTE, he is involved in both television and motion picture (DC28) branches. He is currently the Chairman of SMPTE W25.10, the MXF Implementers Working Group, a group devoted to the development of MXF, a key technology for both the TV and the D-Cinema fields.

Ernesto Santos
Head of Engineering Operations
MOG Solutions

IRT (Christoph Nufer)
The Institut für Rundfunktechnik, founded 1956 as a private company, is the central research and development establishment of the public broadcasters in Germany (ARD, ZDF, DLR), Austria (ORF), and Switzerland (SRG/SSR). The main working areas are currently: digital television, digital radio, studio and production technique for radio and television, ancilliary data services, traffic telematics, multimedia services and their distribution, broadcast distribution and station operations, digital networks for programme contribution and distribution, frequency planning and management, content management and archiving, collaboration in national and international working groups and standardising bodies.

MOG Solutions (Ernesto Santos)
MOG Solutions is the first company to provide a comprehensive software approach to MXF. It develops and supports IT based technologies according to emerging standards, enabling interoperability and integrated content management in digital TV production. MOG Solutions is committed to standards and its development team has been actively participating in several standardization and trade bodies including SMPTE, MPEG, OMG and the Pro-MPEG Forum. MOG Solutions products allow customers across all sectors of the industry - including broadcasting, digital cinema, advertising and distribution - to quickly adopt MXF.

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