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Tuesday May 02
Metropol 3
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Arts Academy
Priit Pärn, Turku University of Applied Sciences

Priit Pärn will present works from both Digital Arts and Animation departments at the Arts Academy.

Priit Pärn is estonian director who has been the artistic director of the animation training in Turku Arts Academy since the beginning.

The animation department in Turku Arts Academy was founded in 1994. The aim of the animation training is to produce animators and animation directors with wide scale of expertise to work in the digital content industry. This includes web, mobile, tv, and video, as well as live performance arts such as theatre and dance. After four years´ training period student knows the whole production process of animated film in traditional puppet animation and drawing animation. They own firm knowledge of basic animation techniques and they are also able to use latest digital technique and software in animation. Many students start their own production companies while still studying. Although a comparatively young course (started in 2001) works by Digital Arts students have been shown at festivals around the world. Key-words for Digital Arts are flexibility, adaptability, and self-confidence.

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