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Realtime Film Festival

Wednesday May 03
Raum Karlsruhe
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BloodSpell: Feature-length animation on a beer budget
Hugh Hancock, Executive Producer, Strange Company

In 2003 Hugh Hancock had an idea for a feature-length animated fantasy film called "BloodSpell" (, an epic production on the scale of "Star Wars" or the first "Lord of the Rings" movie. So he made it - for less than six thousand dollars. Come along and find out how, and learn more about the technology and techniques of Machinima that made it possible.

Hugh Hancock is the founder of Strange Company, the world's oldest professional Machinima production company. He has directed more than 16 Machinima animations, including both work for the BBC, BAFTA, Scottish Screen and computer games giant Electronic Arts, as well as several acclaimed independent films. As the founder and former Editor-In-Chief of, the center of the Machinima movement on the Internet, he has lectured on Machinima on three continents and was described by the Hamburg International Film Festival as "the guru of the Machinima movement".

Hugh Hancock
Executive Producer
Strange Company

Strange Company is the world's oldest Machinima production company. They have also worked on some of the largest and most ambitious Machinima productions ever, including work for Electronic Arts, the BBC and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Currently Strange Company is completing work on its first feature-length film, "BloodSpell", which they describe as "Lord of the Rings meets Indiana Jones meets the Sex Pistols".

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