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Realtime Film Festival

Thursday May 04
Raum Karlsruhe
Realtime Sessions
Flash and the Professional Animator: Return of the Prodigal Bastard Stepchild
Nina Paley, Independent Animator

Flash is all the rage in 2006, but in the late 90's its potential was apparent to only a few professional animators. The entertainment glut inadvertently associated Flash with low production values and poor animation quality. Production studios disdained Flash in favor of sending work overseas to be hand-painted by armies of low-paid humans. Flash was animation's "bastard stepchild." The intervening years have seen Flash's acceptance grow, as more artists explore its aesthetic potential:elegant interactive animation, higher-quality online shorts, broadcast television production, and even feature films. Find out why animation's bastard stepchild is becoming animation's knight in shining armor.

Nina Paley prefers not to be called a "Flash animator"; she is an independent animator who uses Flash. Her short festival films - animated with clay, ink, paper, pencils, scratching directly on film, and various software - have screened all over the world and won numerous awards, which sounds impressive but doesn't pay the rent. For that, she freelances for clients like Standard and Poor's and the Griffith Observatory. She teaches "Flash for Film and Video" at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, and in 2004 she taught Flash animation production to artists in Nairobi, Kenya as part of UNESCO's "Africa Animated" workshop. Nina lives in New York with her cat, Bruno.

Nina Paley
Independent Animator

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