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Friday May 05
Raum Reutlingen

*held in German
Kinomatik GBR, Wurster, Killenberger, Ratsch,
Depth of field with digital Camcorder Systems*
Frank Wurster/Kinomatik GBR , Dietmar Ratsch/Kinomatik GBR

Kinomatik shows, with several examples, the benefits and functions of the Movietube System.
The main issue: How to get a better depth of field with digital video. Kinomatik GBR will show some actual clips shot with the Movietube and some short experience reports by Dietmar Ratsch. Frank Wurster shows the constructions and the flexibility of the Movietube system in a live presentation.

Frank Wurster:
CEO, Head of Research & Development, MOVIEtube inventor and founder of KINOMATIK. He works as a cameraman and Steadicam operator for television and cinema and worked on independent film projects as a filmmaker for many years.

Frank Wurster
Kinomatik GBR

Dietmar Ratsch has worked for over eight years as cinematographer for shorts and documentaries before he graduated from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg as director of documentaries. As well as making his own documentaries, he works as a cinematographer and script consultant for other company projects.

Dietmar Ratsch
Kinomatik GBR

Kinomatik GBR was founded in Stuttgart in 2003 for the development and selling of digital camerasystems. Through the years of experience collected by Frank Wurster, Jürgen Killenberger and Dietmar Ratsch as DOP, the products of Kinomatik GBR are very user-friendly and workable. The basic philosophy of the company is to combine traditional film with the new and very changeable digital formats in a very cost-effective and high-quality way. The MOVIEtube product line is mad of the finest materials and is a masterpiece of optical & mechanical engineering made in Wetzlar/ Germany. In Wetzlar in 1914, the first world famous Leica cameras where developed by Oskar Bamark.
Kinomatik GBR, Wurster, Killenberger, Ratsch, Auf der Altenburg 7, 70376 Stuttgart

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