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Thursday May 04
Raum Karlsruhe
Best of Awards
Bent Stamnes, PR-representative ,

The Awards were established in 2003, serving as a more formal way to bring attention to the very best demoscene releases of the preceeding year. The 2005 Awards ceremony (held just a couple of weeks ago, in Bingen am Rhein, Germany) displayed real-time imagery, graphics and music, forged with creativity and skill. This screening will show the best of the best, accompanied with insight information and facts, forming a backdrop to 2005's most recognized demoscene works.

Bent Stamnes has been a demoscener since 1989, mainly doing music and graphics for countless productions for many different demoscene groups. He has organized the "The Gathering" demoparty since 1996 as well as several smaller, more demoscene-oriented parties like "Solskogen" and "Kindergarden". He co-authored the book "Demoscene: the art of real-time" in 2004 and joined in 2005 as a PR-representative to help spread the word of the demoscene and of

Bent Stamnes PR-representative is a non-profit organization aimed at providing the 'electronic art scene' with a forum for communication and for sharing their work. Since 1997 the organization has provided a home on the web for groups and individuals looking to find and audience for their work, and although it cannot easily be explained in just a few words, is both the central source for the demoscene community and also an online digital community, consisting of several talented individuals across the world with the desire of creating something for the scene.

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