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Friday May 05
Virtual Humans Forum:
Keynote - Understanding Facial Expressions

Paul Ekman, The Ekman Group

Evidence from a variety of sources strongly suggests that seven emotions have a universal expression. For each of these emotions there are both prototypic expressions and variations signaling intensity, and likely consequential actions. These expressions are created by muscles, most of which originate in bone and are attached to skin, pulling the point of attachment towards the origin. The Facial Action Coding System (FACS) allows for the precise description of which muscles or action units generated any observed expression. There is now a chimpanzee version of FACS. Micro expressions lasting only 1/25 of a second reveal concealed emotions. There a number of characteristics of the expression that distinguishes voluntary from involuntary expressions.

Prof. Paul Ekman wrote and edited 14 books on emotion or deception and was recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the American Psychological Association in 1991. He was made an honorary doctor of human letters from the University of Chicago in 1994 and is currently working on improving interviewing skills of police and counter terror personnel.

Paul Ekman

The Ekman Group

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