Realtime Film Festival

In 2005 the Realtime Film Section of fmx has for the first time been expanded into the Realtime Film Festival. Its aim was to show films that were made using realtime technology. After last years big success the festival will this year even become bigger and better. Being one of the most exciting and innovative parts of the fmx the Realtime Film Festival Section will have three different parts, the Realtime Screenings, the Realtime Film Festival Award Ceremony and specific Realtime Sessions. It showcases presentations, workshops, and innovative films, produced by using digital technologies. The realtime film scene sheds its technological and aesthetical roots with a lively existence – extending far beyond popular confines of web, games, and cinema.



Cut Scenes


VJ Visuals

This year`s Realtime Film Festival has seen over 180 entries from all around the world. In cooperation with Bitfilm, the Festival of Animated Film and the flashconference five nominations in each of the following category have been chosen:

Flash - films in the SWF format, using realtime features of Macromedia Flash (eg. Actionscript)

Machinima - films shot in real time with game engines

Demo - small EXE programs that make the computer generate 3D animations in realtime

Cut Scenes – films as part of computer or console games based on realtime technology

VJ Visuals - realtime visualizing of sound and music