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Friday May 05
Raum Karlsruhe
Visualisation: Methods for the automatic production of 3D-plant models
Boris Neubert/University of Konstanz, Thomas Franken/University of Konstanz

The automatic production of realistic and complex 3D-plant models has been a great challenge for the computer graphics industry for years. Various approaches have been developed to simplify the work-intensive task of modelling plants by hand. Many of these methods are based on mathematical or rule-based descriptions of the plant structure. Other procedures limit themselves to supporting the modelling process via methods such as the sketchy-based interface or image-based modelling. The presentation gives an overview of these procedures and applications. Finally, one method will be demonstrated which automatically models plants from photographic material.

Boris Neubert is studying towards his Master in Information Engineering at the University of Konstanz. He works as a student assistant in the department of Computer Graphics and Media Informatics with Professor Dr. Deussen and as a Research Masters student in the graduate research training group "Explorative analysis and Visualisation of Large Information Spaces" at the University of Konstanz. The emphasis of his studies lies on computer graphics, modelling and information visualisation.

Thomas Franken studied Information Engineering at the University of Konstanz. In 2005, he was working with the Visual Computing Group on the CNR Pisa and is now an assistant lecturer in the Department of Multimedia Signal Processing Constance with Professor Dr. Saupe. His main interest lies on 3D texture registration, modelling by example and NPR.

The Department of Computer Graphics and Media Informatics, directed by Professor Dr. Oliver Deussen, consists of four research associates and three PhD students. The main areas of research are modelling and representation of plants, Real-time visualisation of complex landscape scenarios, non-photorealistic rendering and visualisation of software structures. The work group is part of the informatics and information science department with the emphasis on data analysis, exploration and visualisation of large data volumes at the University of Konstanz.

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