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Wednesday May 03
Films-Action Event: The "Wizard of Oz" Strategy
Pascal Rodon/Action Synthèse, Pierre Marie Fenech/Action Synthèse

Pascal Rodon and Pierre Marie Fenech will talk about the challenges that "The Wizard of Oz" posed to 3D animation. They will illustrate the development process through the initial steps of production, showing how they went from story to 3D animation. In all the technical difficulties linked to the film, Action Synthese’s main concern was finding a perfect suitability between visual stylisation and story, technological innovation and cultural legacy. So far, 3D technology has shown its ability in creating real-life characters and complex sets. To help the viewer travel through the wonderful land of Oz, they challenged 3D technology to create emotion.

Pascal Rodon is the founder of the CGI studio Action Synthèse at Marseille. In 1999 he produced “Antebios” and “Premier Domicile Connu” both CGI short movies. In 2005 he produced “The Magic Roundabout” a full feature CGI movie 2005

Pascal Rodon
Action Synthèse

Pierre Marie Fenech started his career at Transatlantic Video as a Senior Video Editor and was there for 14 years. He then became Technical & Creative Director at Project Studio (1998-2002) and did the same at Presdigit (1995-1998). In 2003 he became Production Manager at Action Synthese.

Pierre Marie Fenech
Production Manager
Action Synthèse

Action Synthèse is a European studio dedicated to producing high quality 3D animated feature films. Utilizing in-house creative talent, an experienced management team and advanced CG film-making technology, Action Synthèse has developed and delivered “The Magic Roundabout” for Films Action/Pathé in 2004 and is now working on several animated feature films: "Wizard of Oz" & "Space Goofs".

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