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Thursday May 04
Raum Karlsruhe
Mobile Entertainment: Procedural Texture Generation on Mobile Devices
Dierk Ohlerich/Farbrausch/ the produkkt, Christoph Mütze/

A major limiting factor for 3d applications and games today is the size of the textures used. Procedural texture generation can eliminate this bottleneck. The technology developed by .theprodukkt GmbH solves quality, productivity and performance problems previously seen with procedural textures.
This session explains how it works and how it affects the development process, especially content creation. It shows how it can be applied within the limited resources of a mobile device and how it scales to gaming consoles and PC's. Furthermore the advantages of creating more than just textures procedurally and integrating meshes and materials in the framework are presented.

Dierk Ohlerich is a founder of and programmer with .theprodukkt GmbH as well as 49Games GmbH, which, among other things, made a name for itself with RTL ski jumping, RTL ski alpine as well as the official Olympic game "Torino 2006".

Dierk Ohlerich
Founder, Programmer
Farbrausch/ the produkkt

Christoph Mütze is co-founder of .theprodukkt GmbH and also a freelance Illustrator and 2d/3d commercial artist in realtime graphics and games. Portfolio and contact:

Christoph Mütze
CG Artist

.theprodukkt GmbH was created in 2004 by members of the demo group, Farbrausch, in Hamburg. .theprodukkt GmbH understands itself as a supplier of individual solutions for the use of free-scalable procedural texture generation on various platforms. Based on the experience from activities by Farbrausch, the solutions from .theprodukkt for mobile terminals use only a small sized file as well as individual adjustments for the user which cannot be achieved by conventional means (compression, JPEG...). This is how, with kkrieger, a complete Ego Shooter in 96kb was realized. More information and examples under

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