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Wednesday May 03
Digital Cinema: Grading and Mastering
Morris Lindenkreuz/ Grass Valley , Mark Horton/Quantel, Oliver Gappa/DVS GmbH Digital Video Systems , Robert Coulin/Dreamwalks Solutions for Moving Pictures

Bones (Morris Lindenkreuz, Grass Valley)
As a flexible post-production software solution, the Bones software has two primary components: a user interface that not only provides a common look, feel, and operation, but also serves as the heart of an end-to-end post-production workflow, managing the process from data ingest to finished digital master; and a variety of high-performance, plug-and-play applications from which you can pick and choose.

Pablo & iQ (Mark Horton, Quantel)
For years, Post relied heavily on purpose built hardware – VTRs, DVEs, Switchers, Color Correctors, Telecines and linear edit systems. From the early 1990s however there was the growing belief that as general purpose computers got more and more powerful, they would be the only solution to all digital video production problems from Post and Broadcast and that Hardware had no further role to play. We all know now that this isn’t the case - iQ and eQ are two examples that prove the point - as combining the capabilities of computers and hardware, gives a ‘best of both worlds’ approach. In this presentation we will look at the arguments in detail.

SAN Technology in postproduction (Oliver Gappa)
This presentation provides a brief overview of the various memory systems and also includes current installations of major post houses. The relevance of SAN for DI is clearly illustrated. Potential bottlenecks and weak spots will also be analysed. The presentation allows for an overview and tries to indentify problems. Afterwards possible solutions and effective installations are introduced.

Grading with Discreet Lustre & Everydays Reality (Robert Coulin, Dreamwalks)
Digital grading has become a common step in postproduction. The integration into the overall workflow is an issue with huge impact on speed andquality of the process. Importance of periferals and transfer is nearly equal to the grading process itself. Large Post Facilities,such as ARRI in Munich and others have established individual workflow scenarios, which allow for the throughput of many full features in tight schedules.

Morris Lindenkreuz is a Product Manager for Digital Film Applications and Post Production Solutions (Specter, Phantom TE, Bones) at Thomson Multimedia / Grass Valley, Germany. Before that, he worked as a Software Engineer and Software Project Manager for Philips Broadcast Television Systems and Thomson Multimedia. Morris Lindenkreuz studied Computer Science at the Technical University Dresden.

Morris Lindenkreuz
Product Manager Post Production Solutions
Grass Valley

Mark Horton started in Soho London as Videotape operator and worked then as an Editor for Molinare & TVI London and Tape House Copenhagen. In 1991 he joined Sony as Product Manager (BVE 910/BVE 2000, BVE 9100). After that he came to Quantel where he worked as Product Manager (Henry – later also Domino). He is now Worldwide Marketing Manager, Post Production & DI. His Industry positions are: Board member of AAF Association and Member of British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Mark Horton
Worldwide Marketing Manager

Since 10 years, Oliver Gappa has worked in the field of application technology for postproduction. After studying in Hannover, he worked for various producers and distributors. As sales manager for DVS, he has,for the last 4 years, been in charge of the technically challenging divisions OEM and memory systems.

Oliver Gappa
Sales Manager
DVS GmbH Digital Video Systems

After finishing at the Academie der bildenden Künste in Munich, Robert Coulin turned to computer graphics in the late 80's. He was working for AVID and Discreet for a long time before joining Dreamwalks GmbH as a Product Specialist and Trainer.

Robert Coulin
Product Specialist and Trainer
Dreamwalks Solutions for Moving Pictures

Morris Lindenkreuz (Grass Valley):
Founded in 1929 as Fernseh GmbH Grass Valley Germany GmbH today delivers a variety of SDTV, HDTV and film based products providing complete system solutions from the acquisition via production and postproduction towards the broadcasting or film distribution of content. Grass Valley Germany GmbH is part of the Thomson group (Thomson, Technicolor, RCA, Grass Valley) . World wide operating product lines in Weiterstadt are Post Production Solutions, Life Production Solutions, Broadcast Systems, Shared Resources and Business Development.

Mark Horton (Quantel):
Quantel has been at the forefront of the use of digital technology as a creative tool for the last 30 years and it is now using its vast experience to create tools for the new digital age - covering everything from terrestrial and multi-channel television, to broadband internet, DVD and d-cinema.

Oliver Gappa (DVS):
DVS is a leading manufacturer of high-performance digital video products for film, TV, post production and R&D. They offer a wide range of high-end video turnkey workstations – from disk recorders and storage systems through to conforming and finishing systems for digital intermediates. DVS hardware is recognised as a reference for quality, reliability and performance. The company has a large OEM customer base, too: numerous leaders in the industry integrate DVS' powerful video I/O boards into their own products.

Robert Coulin (Dreamwalks):
Dreamwalks is the exclusive reseller of Autodesks Discreet Systems for Germany, Austria & Swizzerland. In the main office in Munich they have set up a competent Demo- and Trainings environment, where the systems can be demonstrated on a very high level.

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