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Saturday May 06
Address by Joseph Olin
Next Gen Facial Animation Pipeline (work in progress)

Joseph Olin/Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Christoph Biehn/Sony Computer Entertainment America

Joseph Olin will give a brief overview on video games, he will also be hosting the series of talks on games.

Christoph Biehn´s presentation will give an overview of several key aspects of a character pipeline for Next Gen game titles. The focus lies on facial rigging and animation. I will attempt to address some of the challenges associated with bringing to life hundreds of "realistic", recognizable human characters. The methods discussed will be showcased in the upcoming sports simulation games, MLB Baseball and NBA Basketball. As development of the first titles for the PS3 is still ongoing, the materials presented are to be considered as "work in progress".

Joseph Olin is President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, the videogame industry’s largest association of game creators and publishing executives. The AIAS is best known for presenting the annual Interactive Achievement Awards®, entering its tenth year, D.I.C.E. Summit® (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) conference, and Into the Pixel™ programs. The Interactive Achievement Awards recognize the game industry’s best titles and technological accomplishments as judged by the men and women who create games. The D.I.C.E Summit is the Academy’s forum for game industry creative executives to address issues that challenge the interactive entertainment community.

Christoph Biehn studied Literature B.A. in the USA and holds an M.A. in Film Studies and Business from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (Thesis: The Animation of Facial Expression). After graduation in 2003, he worked in the "Artificial Actor" research project at the Filmakademie, Ludwigsburg for two years, as technical artist and researcher where he co-authored the 2004 Siggraph Sketch “Adaptable Setup For Performance Driven Facial Animation” as well as the “Facial Expression Repertoire”. He is currently working on Next Gen character-techniques as Senior Technical Artist at SCEA.

Christoph Biehn
Senior Technical Artist
Sony Computer Entertainment America

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) develops, publishes and distributes software for the Playstation Entertainment System. The release of the new hardware PS3 is due in 2006, driving development teams to adopt more efficient techniques and pipelines to generate game content that will fulfill the the consumers’ high expectations. The SCEA San Diego campus develops sports titles such as “Major League Baseball”, "NBA Basketball", among others. It also provides a motion capture and scanning studio, offering services to several SCEA developers.

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