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Saturday May 06
Raum Karlsruhe
Using Flash within a Custom Pipeline for producing TV series
Nicolas Trout , Executive Producer, 2 minutes

2 Minutes has been pioneering digital animation since its inception and has become over the past five years, one of the largest animation studios in France. Among the different production pipelines that have been implemented through custom R&D in order to answer to various production requirements and accommodate a wide variety of animation styles, Flash plays a central role. Through several examples of actual TV series, we will see how this technology has been used, customlized and sometimes diverted to become a major creative component of the studio.

Nicolas Trout joined TDI, a subsidiary of Thomson Group in 1988 as a software engineer, writing 3D modeling code for the Explore package. He then started TDI R&D Japan in Tokyo, supervised several CG software projects and was the Asian Pacific sales manager for Wavefront Technology. Back in France, he joined Medialab, a Canal+ subsidiary leader in real time animated digital characters as VP Business Development. For eight years he has been Executive Producer at Mac Guff Ligne, producing digital effects and computer animation for feature films, commercials and location based entertainment. In 2004, he helped London-based Passion Pictures launch their Parisian operations. Since 2005, Nicolas is Deputy General Manager of 2 Minutes, one of the fastest growing French digital animation studios. Nicolas is also General Manager of Looping Production, a non fiction documentary production company with specific emphasis on High Definition.

Nicolas Trout
Executive Producer
2 minutes

2 minutes ( is a French digital studio dedicated to the production of animation programs for a wide variety of formats. 2 minutes relies on its own innovative in-house software to expand its creative boundaries, streamline the production process and combine elegantly under a single roof the whole range of animation techniques. 2 minutes is headquartered in Paris with production offices in Angouleme, Quebec and Shanghai.

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