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Saturday May 06
"The Empire of the Wolves": Previz and Digital Effects
Franck Malmin, Def 2 Shoot

After a short presentation of the company Def 2 Shoot, Franck Malmin will go into the work done during the shooting of «The Empire of the Wolves», that is to say the shooting preparation and the set reconstitution in post-production.

Franck is the technical guru of Def2Shoot, which he founded with 3 associates in 2002. Franck has been working in many digital fields from Video gaming to CGI feature films. He spent many years within the Duran-Duboi group, and joined Chaman to head the CGI Technical department. He managed to complete "Kaena the Prophecy", directed by Chris Delaporte, the first full CGI feature animation to be produced in France. He is now leading Def2Shoot´s R&D team and was the TD on the production of the VFX of “The Empire of the Wolves” directed by Chris Nahon.

Franck Malmin

Def 2 Shoot

Founded in 2002, Def2shoot, post-production company, has become a key player of the French visual effect scene. The company demonstrates its know-how in different domains as movies, advertising film and TV animated series. Thanks to an experienced team and technical tools in constant evolution, Def2shoot produces high quality movies and images, a more and more valued and internationally recognized work today.

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