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Saturday May 06
Focus on Asia: VFX and Animation In India
Vinod P. Vijay/Pixion +, Amit Gupta/Pixion +

This presentation will cover varied topics pertaining to VFX and animation in India, including :The Current Scenario of VFX and Animation in India, local and global opportunities (Outsourcing). The evolution of VFX and Animation in India, size and scope of the industry and other relevant points.

Vinod is the Creative Director at Pixion+. He has been working in the Advertising industry for the past 5 years. He is a budding Director, who directs Commercials for the local market. He has been an integral part (VFX Supervisor and Post Supervisor) of a lot of animation and VFX based commercials in India.

Vinod P. Vijay
Creative Director
Pixion +

The sole person responsible for setting up the state -of-the-art post facility - Pixion in Mumbai, India, is the Business head of Pixion and Pixion+ . Over the past 5 years, he has also been very instrumental in the recent evolution of the VFX and Animation industry in India. He has single handedly put Pixion on the global map.
He is also the Business head of a television production house called VIAEARTH which develops Non Fiction Programmes/Documentaries for global clients.

Amit Gupta
Business Head
Pixion +

PIXION+ is a high end VFX and Animation company which is located in Mumbai, India. We are currently a 30 member team, comprising of Industry experts with varied skillset. We create and develop VFX and Animation content for both local and global clients in the Feature Film, Commercial and Broadcast Industry.

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