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Wednesday May 03
Raum Karlsruhe
Best of Bitfilm
Aaron Koenig, Managing Director, Bitfilm Festival

Since 2000 the Bitfilm Festival shows films that use digital technology in a creative and innovative way – from 3D feature films, digital FX driven films and Flash movies to Machinima, Demos and Mobile Micromovies. It was the first film festival worldwide with a Machinima and a Realtime Demo competiton. The Bitfilm team cooperate with fmx for the Realtime Film Festival. This compilation mainly consists of non-realtime highlights of its 2005 edition. More info at

Bitfilm Festival 2005 documentation
Germany 2006 . 6:38min
Into Pieces / Guilherme Macondes
Brasil 2005 . 1min
True Colors / Pierre Ducos / Bertrand Bey
France 2004 . 8min
Feeley Sportswear / Sean Feeley
USA 2005 . 0:45min
Watermelon Love / Joji Kyjama
UK 2004 . 3:08min
Audiobullys: Shot you down Jonas Odell
UK 2005 . 4:00min
Loop / Julien Rancœur / Vincent Baertsoen / Charles Blanchard / Emilie Boyard
France 2004 . 8:00min
Gopher Broke / Jeff Fowler
USA 2004 . 4:18min
Empire / Edouard Salier
France 2005 . 4:00min
The Awakening / April Hoffmann
USA 2005 . 9:47min
Grand Classics / Smith & Foulkes
UK 2005 . 1:30min
City Paradise / Gaelle Denis
UK 2004 . 5:58min
Fallen Art / Tomek Baginski
Poland 2004 . 5:50min
Overtime / Oury Atlan / Thibaut Berland / Damien Ferrié
France 2004 . 4:55min

Aaron Koenig founded Bitfilm in 1999, together with two partners who have in the meantime left the company. He focuses on new business.

Aaron has studied audiovisual media communication at the University of the Arts Berlin and the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. His final thesis about TV design in Brazil was published as a book by TR Verlagsunion Munich. After working as a magazine and TV journalist and as a TV designer for the TV channels Vox and Premiere, he helped to start the online departments of Pixelpark Berlin and MME Hamburg in 1994/95. In 1996 he co-founded the multimedia agency Lava where he worked as the creative director for customers like ARD German television, Der Stern, Die Zeit etc. He was responsible for the launch of Die Tagesschau, one of the world's first websites to heavily use streaming video.

He left Lava in 1998 and joined the Swedish company Spray (later merged with Razorfish, New York) to build up the Hamburg office and a German online service. Aaron teaches Media Culture at Hamburg University and Audiovisual Media at the Hamburg Media School and the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg.

Aaron Koenig
Managing Director
Bitfilm Festival

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