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Saturday May 06
Focus on Asia: Sarvagami
K.M. Ranjith Chandrashekaran, Vice President, Animation Today

Sarvagami means something is omni present, it surrounds you everywhere. This describes the Animation and CG Industry in India and eastern Asia, which is experiencing rapid growth at the moment. Ranjith Chandrashekaran will give an overview of the state of the art in the industry which surrounds us more and more: you will find CG in one form or other on Billboards (print media), the web (internet), television screens and on silver screens (movies).

Ranjith Chandrashekaran is Vice President of "Animation Today", the only English magazine in animation and CG across Asia. Before Ranjith was the Head of Operations for Animation Reporter, the first Asian animation magazine. Ranjith holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with Diploma in Software Engineering and Multimedia.

K.M. Ranjith Chandrashekaran
Vice President
Animation Today

Animation Today is a venture to explore the world of Animation and Computer Graphics, and continually update the interested with the latest on that front. Targeted at animators, students and anyone generally interested in the field of animation and computer graphics. A monthly publication, it is the only English magazine catering to this field in Asia.

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