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Thursday May 04
Animated Commercials: Frankenskippy Mockumentary
Lars Magnus Holmgren, Frankenskippy

Presentation of the Frankenskippy award winning directorial portfolio with accompanying stage-show. Lars Magnus Holmgren presents a poetic journey into the subterranean depths of Dr Frankenskippy’s laboratory and restless soul.

Lars has extensive experience in directing, animating and supervising innovative works utilizing a vast range of media - CGI animation & special effects for film, television and special format presentations such as IMAX showscan rides.
Lars has earned several distinctions and awards for his work and has been invited to participate in presentations, speeches and panels around the world, with work featured in several magazines and television programmes.
Lars' creative pursuits have not been limited to the film, television and SFX industries. He has earned distinctions in a variety of artistic arenas; from lead-vocalist in a punk-rock band, involvement in a performance art group to multi-media installations and collaborations with renowned artists.

Lars Magnus Holmgren


Frankenskippy is privately owned venture specialising in direction, VFX-supervision, leadanimation of productions for commercials, idents & promos, short films, feature-films and special format productions.

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