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Friday May 05
Studio B
Recruiting Event
Disney Animation Portfolio Workshop
Dawn Rivera-Ernster/Disney Animation, Tanja Knoblich/Disney Animation, Kyle Odermat/Disney Animation, Karen deJong/Disney Animation

Join Disney Animation featuring tips on portfolio and reel presentations for the entertainment industries. Session begins with visual bios of Disney artists followed by a series of live portfolio reviews. See samples of successful submissions and connect with Disney artists for personal one on one reviews. Meet with Animation Resources for individual portfolio reviews and advice on the animation industries.

Disney Animation combines the very best in artistry and storytelling with cutting-edge technology to bring wonderful new characters to the big screen for audiences around the world. Constantly challenged to create innovative new technologies for animated features, theme park productions and special projects for the Walt Disney Studios, Disney Animation is home to some of the most talented artists working in the film industry today.

Dawn Rivera-Ernster
Director, Animation Resources
Disney Animation

Tanja Knoblich
Manager, Production
Disney Animation

Kyle Odermatt began his career at Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1996 as a Model Development Technical Supervisor. His responsibilities included overseeing Modeling, Rigging, Layout and EFX development for all current shows in production. Kyle then went on to become the Artistic Supervisor of Computer Graphics Imagery on "Treasure Planet". His talents then landed him the role as a CG Supervisor on "Chicken Little". Currently Odermatt is hard at work as a CG Supervisor on an upcoming Disney Animated film in development.

Kyle Odermat
CG Supervisor
Disney Animation

Karen deJong
Assistant Art Director
Disney Animation

Dawn Rivera-Ernster began her career at The Walt Disney Company in March of 2005. As Director of Animation Resources, she worked closely with the filmmakers to recruit creative talent for "Chicken Little", "Meet the Robinsons" and "American Dog".
Before joining the Walt Disney Company, Rivera-Ernster worked throughout the entertainment industry. She was the Director of Creative Services at Universal Studios and Saban Entertainment. She was also the Director of Licensing at ITC Entertainment and DIC Entertainment. She also has extensive experience with consumer products, product development and franchise branding.

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