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Saturday May 06
Pixomondo: Company - Projects - Visions
Thilo Kuther, Managing Director, Pixomondo Studios GmbH & Co. KG

Portrayal of Pixomondo Studios: A diverse visual imaging facility. A fascinating story about a company evolving from a supplier of multimedia solutions for industrial clients to a state-of-the-art Post-Production and Visual Effects service-provider for TV- and moviemaking businesses.
See an example of how knowledge can be combined, synergies formed and creative potentials fully realised. Learn about Pixomondo’s scope of project activities, the company’s profile and key aspects of its production departments such as Industrial CGI’s, Compositing and MediaContent productions as well as VFX for documentaries. Get a glimpse of Pixomondo’s newest affiliate - currently working on visual effects for one of Germany's most ambitious feature film projects: “The Red Baron” – and what’s more to come in the pipeline.

Thilo Kuther specialised in Scenography and Industrial Design. After gaining international experience in London and Los Angeles, Kuther founded Xmachina. He utilised 3D previsualisation to create the design of VIP-Buildings, the environment for product presentations as well as car-reveals and the design for trade shows of leading European companies.
Pixomondo Studios, incorporated by Kuther in 2001, is the consequent enhancement in the range of computer generated images (CGI) and Visual Effects. Since then a team of 35 VFX-, CGI- and Compositing-Specialists centred around Kuther, always remembering that no matter how impressive the tools, they are only as good as the artists who use them.

Thilo Kuther
Managing Director
Pixomondo Studios GmbH & Co. KG

Since its founding in the year 2001, Pixomondo Studios' interdisciplinary team of 35 artists, concepters and engineers has pushed the envelope in its outstanding 3D-Animations and video installations for events and exhibitions. The company has served clients in industries from all over Europe such as Arcor, ARD, Bertelsmann, C3, Canon, DeOtter Creators, DeVries&Partners, Hochtief, Klaus E. Küster, Magic Eye, Maxxium, Merci, NDF, Porsche, RBB, T-Online, VW, WM8, Zobelfilm.
In the last 3 years Pixomondo Studios began to utilize its experience to provide TV- and moviemaking businesses with state-of-the-art post production and visual effects services.
Pixomondo Images is a new affiliate of Pixomondo Studios based in Ludwigsburg. London based Pixomondo UK was founded in February 2005. The last projects cover work at the forefront of industry standards for Porsche, Mercedes, VW, BMW and the documentary “Atlantropa”.

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